Born in Montréal.

Our Mission

While the world is going towards a more digital environment, our goal is to help support the McGill community through building strong student-to-student relationships and creating personalized logos and websites.

McGill Design Consultancy focuses on pairing individuals with clients, to work on web and design related projects through experiential learning. Pairing students with students is the perfect opportunity to create connections, enhance multiple skills and promote community.

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Meet The Team

Staying true to our roots, MDC is a team made up of McGill Students. We're in the business of helping the McGill community bring their visions to life and achieve their goals.

Alex Popian
📜Degree: Bachelors of Arts: Software Engineering + Marketing

🪪About: Alex is a 3rd year student at McGill University. He’s working towards building a career in graphic design and hopes to use his artistic vision to make an impact in people’s lives and make technology feel more human and more appealing for everyone.


Juliette Monty
📜Degree: Bachelors of A&S: Cognitive Science & GSFS

🪪About: Juliette is a 3rd year Arts & Science student at McGill University, and will be entering her first year at McGill Law School this coming Fall. She is passionate about social justice and art, and is hopeful about a future in which technology can foster community, openness, and the betterment of society.


Dilara Oztimur
📜Degree: Desautels Faculty of Management & Strategic Management/Finance

🪪About: Dilara is a third year management student studying Strategic Management and Finance. She is passionate about creating a social impact and sustainability, hence she is currently working on a social impact project. She is interested in traveling, taking photos and cooking.

VP Comms

Natasha Ripplinger
📜Degree: Faculty of Management: Finance & Retail Management

🪪About: Natasha is a U3 management student currently studying Finance and Retail Management at McGill University. She takes pride in creating an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration within the community. In her free time, Natasha enjoys rowing and looking at real estate.

VP External

Daniel Zhao
📜Degree: MBA

🪪About: He is an architect passionate about social impact and currently an MBA candidate. He believes design, a human centered process of iterative problem solving within constraints, can be applied to develop innovative solutions to complex business challenges.

Project Manager

Maddie Birrell
📜Degree: Bachelor of Commerce

🪪About: Maddie is a third-year student completing concentrations in Finance and Information Systems, and a minor in Math. She is from Ottawa, Ontario and in her spare time she enjoys playing soccer and hockey. She hopes to pursue a career in project management after she graduates from McGill.

Project Manager

Alexis de Pampelonne
📜Degree: Desautels, Management in Analytics / Data Science

🪪About: Originally from Paris, France, Alexis is a Master’s Student specializing in Data Science at Desautels. Interested by visual arts, the music industry and ESG-driven projects, do not hesitate to reach out to him for casual or professional inquiries. Trilingual in English, French and digital marketing, you’ll be in safe hands with him.

Project Manager

Kevin Huang
📜Degree: Marketing Major & Accounting Concentration

🪪About: Kevin is a second year McGill student studying in Marketing and Accounting. As a MDC project manager, he hopes to make graphic design less intimidating and more accessible to everyone through effective communication between clients and designers.

Project Manager

Cara-Li Farrell
📜Degree: Management, Finance and Business Analytics

🪪About: Cara-Li is a Finance and Business Analytics student at McGill Desautels faculty of Management. As a project manager, she hopes to connect clients with the perfect designer to help bring their vision to fruition.

Project Manager

Julian Miriejello
📜Degree: Management, Major in Marketing and Concentration in Business Analytics

🪪About: Alongside his studies, Julian works as a graphic designer and helps clubs and companies tell the story of their brand. Although his experience is rooted in Adobe suite, Julian is currently experimenting with 3D design softwares such as Blender to create immersive experiences.


Duaa Memon
📜Degree: BA Economics

🪪About: In her free time, you will either find Duaa sewing/designing clothing or binge-watching project runway. She believes in the uniqueness of the individual mind in generating ideas and problem-solving, and thus the need for collaboration to create the most optimal human-centered experience for the user.


Polly Graham
📜Degree: A&S, Cognitive Science (Neuroscience Concentration) and Hispanic Studies Minor

🪪About: Although Polly is majoring Cognitive Science and minoring in Hispanic Studies, she is passionate about design. She is constantly inspired by the vibrant Montreal art scene and she uses these aesthetic experiences to craft eye-catching and meaningful designs for clients, friends, and family.


Alexander Sukhanov
📜Degree: Business Analytics

🪪About: Born in St-Petersburg, Russia, and raised in Montreal, Alex is now a second-year BCom student majoring in Business Analytics with a concentration in Finance. Up until now, he has worked mainly on digital art and a few posters for private events, but hopes to work further in UI Design and maybe even 3D rendering (one day!)


Lily Gostovic
📜Degree: Computer Science

🪪About: Lily is a motivated Computer Science student at McGill University with an interest in web development and a passion for learning new skills. In her free time, Lily enjoys representing McGill as a Varsity Women’s Rugby athlete, and doing anything that gets her outside.


Eva Goblot
📜Degree: Faculty of Science, Earth System Science

🪪About: Eva is a 2nd year Earth System Science student at McGill University. Her passion for impactful graphic design inspired her to join MDC as a Designer.


Pinar Turkeli
📜Degree: BA – Economics

🪪About: Pinar is majoring in Economics and minoring in Management and Psychology. Through MDC, Pinar believes that she will expand her skills as a new designer and meet people with similar interests!


Catherine Williams
📜Degree: Psychology Major, Behavioural Science and Sociology Minor

🪪About: Catherine is a third year student, majoring in Psychology. Looking to expand and develop her portfolio into website/ logo design, with a focus on interpersonal and communication skills. Catherine is an avid dancer, involved in McGill Dance Pack, and has been skiing her whole life, mostly within Europe, but has been enjoying the Canadian mountains while studying at McGill.

Media & Design

Paris Ford
📜Degree: BCom Major in Marketing

🪪About: Paris is a second year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in marketing. She is from Victoria, BC and is passionate about design, writing, and creating connections.

Media & Design

Alexandra Chow
📜Degree: Computer Science

🪪About: Alexandra is a Computer Science major at McGill with a minor in Russian studies. She is looking to learn new skills in design through working on projects with others. Alexandra enjoys going on long walks and learning new knitting techniques in her free time.

Media & Design

Alia Abdelaziz
📜Degree: Bcom majoring in Information Systems and Marketing

🪪About: Alia is a first year McGill student who is ready to explore design and enrich her understanding of the creative world. She enjoys conversing with people from different cultures while delving deeper into her own Egyptian roots through art.

Media & Design

Suzanne Jacquin
📜Degree: Management (Marketing & Business Analytics)

🪪About: Suzanne is a third year Management student majoring in Marketing. She strives to gain a holistic view of marketing by understanding the guiding principles of both Analytics and Design.

Media & Design

We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate individuals.

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