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While the world is going towards a more digital environment, our goal is to help support the McGill community through building strong student-to-student relationships and creating personalized logos and websites.

McGill Design Consultancy focuses on pairing individuals with clients, to work on web and design related projects through experiential learning. Pairing students with students is the perfect opportunity to create connections, enhance multiple skills and promote community.


Websites Built


Logos Created


Client Satisfaction


Nayem Alam

Degree: Electrical major and Software Engineering minor
Interests: technology, slam poetry, UI/UX design, basketball

About: Nayem is one of Cansbridge 19' fellow, Canada's top 20 under 20 and currently the youngest Montreal Global Shaper. Amongst many other things, Nayem's side hustle includes buying smartphones from Kijiji for cheap and selling them for more and he also runs his own web design agency.

Vice President

Mustafa Namazi

Degree: Economics and Management
Interests: Sports (football and basketball), music (guitar)

Having recently moved to Montreal, Mustafa is ready to take on the fast-paced world of consultancy. Completing an economics and management degree at McGill University, he often spends his time playing guitar to unwind from a busy day. With Mustafa's involvement in various organizations, his experiences thus far have instilled within him the necessary skills and qualities to flourish as a project manager. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Mustafa thrives on creativity and the idea of building a business from the ground up into a well-respected organization.

Project Manager & Consultant

Yunyi Feng

Degree: Civil Engineering
Interests: Project management, and learn more about graphic design

Yunyi is passionate about working as a project manager to help the project work smoothly between the clients and the team.

Project Manager & Consultant

Saud Pirzadah

Degree: Economics and Management
Interests: Music, “soccer" and basketball

Currently studying Economics at McGill University, Saud is passionate about people, strategy, and innovative tech. Through McGill Design Consultancy he hopes to build, encourage and foster entrepreneurship at the university and continues this pursuit outside of MDC as an associate at Front Row Ventures. Outside consulting he is willing to talk for hours about music, sports and personal finance. As for a fun fact, Saud has traveled to 20 countries - his favourites being Barcelona and the northern areas of Pakistan.

Graphics Designer

Yunjie Zhang

Degree: BA&Sc Cognitive Science
Interests: Art, Music, Philosophy

Yunjie is a graphic designer at MDC. She strives to create original, inspiring, and impactful designs.

Internal Project Manager

Rishabh Shah

Degree: BSc Biology
Interests: Swimming, acting and Netflix!!!!

Rishabh is majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. He is from Mumbai, India and has a passion for acting and swimming. His goal is to create and manage a biotech company and he believes that McGill Design Company is the perfect way to get the experience needed to do so.

Web Developer

Preetesh Rambarun

Degree: BSc in Computer Science and Biology
Interests: Piano, Table Tennis, Hiking, Gaming

Preetesh is a Computer Science and Biology student at McGill University. Already having a good background in programming, he is eager to start working in web development to acquire new skills, interact with clients and gain invaluable real-world experience in a dynamic environment. Besides programming, he enjoys playing his favorite songs on the piano. Preetesh grew up in the tropical weather of Mauritius and has been steadily adjusting to winters in Montreal. As for a fun fact, he hiked Mount Kilimanjaro and reached the highest peak in Africa.

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